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Sussex Early Career Researchers write and publish a book in four days

Last month, a group of researchers from Art History, English, History Global Studies, Law, Mathematics and Media locked themselves in the Sussex Humanities Lab for four days and embarked on a Book Sprint. The result? A published book which has already been downloaded over 100 times on Sussex Research Online.

This was the first time an academic book has been produced in this way by a group of early career researchers, co-writing a collection of interdisciplinary essays.

The book - Beyond the boundaries of home: interdisciplinary approaches - is about the manifold interpretations and readings to which the concept of home lends itself. The authors show that home is a socially constructed phenomenon, with blurry boundaries and not free of conflict.

The collection provides an insight into how individuals, experiences, language, social and legal structures, as well as history, shape our understandings of home, and how these ideas are constantly shifting and being reconfigured.

Facilitator, Dr Catherine Pope - who blogged about the experience - said: "I was so impressed with the way the team worked together and successfully completed a very tough assignment. They had to overcome natural tendencies towards procrastination and perfectionism and maintain their momentum throughout the four days. The Book Sprint methodology has enormous potential."

Research Hive Scholar, Marianela Barrios Aquino, also wrote her own blog post capturing the excitement and the challenges of the week.

The Book Sprint was organised by the Sussex Research Hive Scholars, supported by SAGE Publications and the University Library, and inspired by Professor David Berry’s experience of collaborative sprint writing.

A snapshot of the four days on Storify:

By: Suzanne Tatham
Last updated: Friday, 4 August 2017