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New Life President of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury

The Right Hon the Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of the Supreme Court, has consented to become President of the Centre for German-Jewish Studies. He is the eldest of four sons of Albert Neuberger, who was born in Bavaria. Having foreseen Hitler's persecution of the Jews, Albert fled to England in 1933, where he married the artist Lilian Dreyfus and became Professor of Chemical Pathology at the University of London and a fellow of the Royal Society. 

David Neuberger was educated at Westminster School, and studied chemistry at  Oxford University. Upon graduation, he worked at the merchant bank N M Rothschild & Sons, before joining the bar. With characteristic modesty he has observed that he was ‘even less good at finance than at science’, so that the law was ‘a case of third time lucky’.

A property law expert, he worked his way up as a QC and High Court judge to the position of Lord Justice of Appeal, where he was in charge of modernizing the civil justice system, before becoming the youngest Law Lord in 2007.  His rise to the Court of Appeal and then to the House of Lords is one of the quickest in recent times. He then became Master of the Rolls in 2009 and President of the UK Supreme Court in 2012, a post from which he retires in September 2017.He has gained popularity among the legal profession for his approachable manner, off-beat speeches and fondness for quoting Kafka and Wittgenstein.

Lord Neuberger's extrajudicial activities include being chairman of the advisory committee on the spoliation of art (artworks looted during the Third Reich), and he is a former chairman of the Schizophrenia Trust and a former governor of the University of the Arts London.

By: Robert John Dunphy
Last updated: Wednesday, 17 May 2017