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‘Decolonising IR Theory’ Workshop

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017, 1.00 - 3.00pm

Room TBC

This workshop is intended as an opportunity to discuss how some of the key themes emerging from the School of Global Studies’ ‘Decolonising Sussex’ Agenda can be pursued in IR Theory. It forms part of a wider one-day programme organized by CAIT on ‘Decolonising IR Theory’. This includes the 2017 Sussex IR Theory Prize Lecture delivered by Professor Robert Vitalis (Pennsylvania University) entitled ‘A Mongrel-American Social Science: International Relations’ (22 March, 5.00 – 7.00 pm, Fulton Lecture Theatre B). Professor Vitalis received the 2016 Sussex IR Theory prize for his book White World Order, Black Power Politics: The Birth of American International Relations (Ithaca: Cornell University Press 2015).

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By: Martin Wingfield
Last updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2017