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CAIT’s management team has been active throughout Spring and Summer in 2016

CAIT’s management team has been active throughout the 2016 Spring and Summer with lectures, awards, publications and media engagements

Prof. Beate Jahn’s latest article ‘Theorizing the Political Relevance of International Relations Theory’ will shortly be published in International Studies Quarterly.

Dr. Kamran Matin delivered an invited talk at Centre for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES), Lund University in May 2016 entitled ‘Reading Marx in Qom: Interrogating the Islam and Modernity Question’, while more recently in July 2016 he participated in a BBC Persian TV panel on Turkey’s coup and its aftermath.

Dr Louiza Odysseos convened, with Dr Anja Eleveld of the University of Amsterdam, a BISA-funded workshop as part of the Third EWIS workshops in Tuebingen, in early April 2016. The workshop was entitled Political Struggles and Performative Rights and was attended by renowned political theorists, anthropologists, legal scholars and international relations specialists. Following the workshop, Dr Odysseos has set up with Prof Engin Isin of the Open University, an online basecamp platform for a new international collaborative network on rights, struggle and performativity. Moreover, in May 2016 Taylor and Francis published a special issue on Counter-Conduct in Global Politics: Theorising the Subjects and Practices of Contesting Conduct coedited by Dr Odysseos alongside Dr Carl Death of the University of Manchester and Dr Helle Malmvig of the Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS)

Prof. Patricia Owens was awarded BISA's 2016 Susan Strange Best Book Award for Economy of Force (Cambridge, 2015), while Security Dialogue has published a special section on Patricia Owens's Economy of Force (Cambridge, 2015), with contributions from Tarak Barkawi, Patchen Markell, Julian Go and Vivienne Jabri.


By: Martin Wingfield
Last updated: Tuesday, 2 August 2016