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Experiment with Light

Tuesday 9 January 13:00 until 13:30
Meeting House, Chapel
Speaker: Jason Evans, Quaker Chaplain

Experiment with Light is a meditation based by Rex Ambler on his study of early Quakers, particularly the writings of Quakerism's founder, George Fox.

We follow a seven-step guided meditation, with each step followed by a period of silence. In the silence your mind is free to reflect on what is important to you right now in the present moment.

The seven steps follow the insights of George Fox discovered in the 17th century into the workings of the mind, and the process of turning inward to discover the essential truth about yourself.

Very little is assumed, beyond a willingness to be open to what the Quakers call the Light, the deepest part of us that is essentially good.

It can be thought of as a Quaker meditation for seeking divine guidance on the important questions of life, be they work or study, relationships, spiritual development, etc.

Alternatively it can be thought of as a way to connect on a deep level with your intuition or insight, or merely the inner part of you that Quakers believe can show you the truth of your heart.

These sessions can also be thought of as a way to experience the Quaker way of silent contemplation, without any prior experience of, or commitment to Quakerism, beyond that described above.

You don't have to be a Quaker to benefit. Everyone is welcome. Come along and give yourself some mental space.

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By: Janine Thorogood
Last updated: Thursday, 15 March 2018