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Deadline nears to apply for Research Development Fund

The closing date for applications to the third round of the Research Development Fund is 5pm on Monday 10 November. 

The Research Development Fund is designed to develop activities that will lead to substantive external research proposals.

The scheme is intentionally flexible, recognising that different disciplines have different requirements for research development. The scheme will therefore fund activities potentially ranging from the gathering of data to support a specific funding proposal to the hosting of visiting academics, practitioners, policymakers and industrial partners to develop collaborative projects with Sussex researchers.

Projects would normally be expected to run for a maximum of 12 months and faculty from all departments are eligible to apply.

Funds available for this third round are approximately £250k. Applicants can apply for projects ranging from £5k-£50K but, given the limited funds available, projects towards the higher end of this scale would have to have an especially compelling rationale to be successful. Cost sharing with schools is encouraged. 

Funds could be used for example to support lab-based work, work related to clinical trials, archival research, literature searches, scoping activities, or web-based research. 

Further information and the application form

Information on the 16 awards made under the first two rounds

If you would like to discuss a potential application, contact Professor Alan Lester or Debbie Foy-Everett.

If you need help costing your proposal, contact  Debbie Foy-Everett or Carly Brownbridge.


If you are on a member of staff on a fixed-term contract, contact Debbie Foy-Everett to confirm your eligibility to apply for this scheme.


By: Carly Brownbridge
Last updated: Monday, 27 October 2014

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