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Sussex finance lecturer's new book praised by Nobel Prize winning economist

Dr Mike Osborne

Multiple interest rate analysis: theory and applications by Dr Mike Osborne

Influential economist and winner of the 1987 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Professor Robert Solow has praised a new book by Dr Mike Osborne (Lecturer in Accounting and Finance in the Department of Business and Management), writing in a letter to Dr Osborne that he "liked everything about it".

Dr Osborne's book, Multiple Interest Rate Analysis: Theory and applications, "studies all possible interest rates solving the time value of money equation". Read the full abstract on Sussex Research Online

Prof Solow wrote: “I liked everything about it ... If anyone had asked me, I would have guessed that there was nothing very new to be said about present-value equations, but you have certainly showed that conjecture to be wrong. The product of the roots of the present-value polynomial contains interesting and useful information, as the book demonstrates."

By: Russell Eke
Last updated: Tuesday, 1 April 2014