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Nathan inspired future footballers in Africa

Nathan Green with his Rwandan footballers

Young footballer Nathan Green's life took a different path when an injury scuppered his chances of playing for Premiership side Liverpool.

But Nathan, 21, from Flintshire in north Wales, who graduates today (11 July 2013) with a degree in History, ended up helping to inspire future footballers in Africa having decided to study for a degree at Sussex.

Nathan says: “I am a huge Liverpool fan and football was, and still is, a huge part of my life, so it was an amazing chance for me. It was a very tough decision but after my injury all signs pointed to the safer educational option being the better one.”

At the end of his first year at Sussex, Nathan travelled around Rwanda as a volunteer coach to young footballers in the country. His pupils included primary schoolchildren and 17-year-olds with the ability to make a career in top-flight football. He also captained a team including a Manchester City academy player, an ex-professional footballer and an ex-professional cricketer against an established Rwandan team in a match at the Rwandan FA.

Nathan says: “I was inspired by the professional nature and sheer determination to meet the standards of the Rwandan FA and the young footballers in the country – the English FA could genuinely learn a thing or two about a much-needed transformation in the structure of the national game.”

Thanks to Nathan’s efforts, 2,000 football shirts were donated to the players he helped to coach, provided by his old club Liverpool and the charity Kits4Causes.

After the Rwanda visit, Nathan focused on helping Kits4Causes in discussing new ways to market them and finding ways to build relationships with football clubs and other organisations.

After graduation Nathan will be studying for a postgraduate degree in commercial property development in Liverpool, and is looking forward to a career that will allow him to help improve standards and perceptions of social housing. Nathan says: “I believe that a better understanding of social housing is key to addressing issues of social inequality in Britain.”

He adds: “I have an incredible number of memories from Sussex but my main two are the high levels of political awareness and activism which are an essential part of Sussex’s identity. But mostly, I will remember some very inspiring tutors, particularly in my third year, who have helped me discover and develop my intellectual interests.”

By: Jacqui Bealing
Last updated: Tuesday, 2 July 2013