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Chris transfers his army skills to medical practice

Chris Munson

Chris Munson, 29, from Norwich, had a previous career in the army before switching to medicine. But he believes his military experience has helped him become a doctor. "In the army, you build up self-confidence, and self-organisation which I have carried into my medical career. You can do all the book reading, but you need the self-confidence to practise medicine."

He enjoyed the attitude of the faculty, finding it very exciting to be part of the new Brighton and Sussex Medical School: "The staff are so full of energy." And he feels the course has made a difference to him and his colleagues, particularly noting the feedback and support from members of staff. 'I have enormous gratitude to all involved, from the interview stage to graduation; they are all so committed to our education and pastoral life."

Chris will be a junior doctor covering general surgery and anaesthetics at Stirling Royal Infirmary in Scotland.


By: Jacqui Bealing
Last updated: Wednesday, 22 July 2009