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The ten best Sussex student stories of 2015

The ten best Sussex student stories of 2015

From tackling food waste to inventing life-changing products, Sussex students have crammed a huge amount of enterprise, innovation and achievement into just 12 short months – and still found time to display some Sussex quirkiness.

Sussex graduates help Jamie Oliver tackle food waste

Mushrooms grown by two enterprising Sussex graduates were used by TV chef Jamie Oliver in a ‘food waste feast’ on Channel 4 back in January.

Economics student turns loss to success

The brutal murder of her beloved husband in Kano in northern Nigeria prompted Ngozi Adeleye, who graduated with a Masters in International Economics this back in January, to completely change her life.

PhD student turns star gazing into a medical application

Pete Hurley, who graduated this afternoon with a PhD in Astronomy back in January, has had more than most students to deal with in getting to this point – but he has turned a life-threatening illness into stellar success.

Sussex student wins council seat and six alumni elected MPs

A Sussex law student has become one of the youngest councillors in Brighton and Hove after being elected to represent residents in the Rottingdean Coastal ward.

A seismic shift in outlook inspires development student to academic success

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 prompted Hannah Gray (née Clifton) to give up a glamorous musical theatre career and pursue a career in journalism.

Physics student gains a first after suffering a major brain trauma

Four and a half years ago Sean Butchers’ parents were preparing for the worst. Their son, who had just started a physics degree at the University of Sussex, was in a coma after a road accident. If he regained consciousness, there was a significant chance he would be severely disabled.

Sussex students hold their own on ‘University Challenge’

Sussex students were unlucky in defeat this week after losing their first round match on the TV quiz show ‘University Challenge’.

Sussex students triumph in toy design competition

Students at Sussex have won a toy design competition with their idea for an interactive wristband that vibrates and changes colours.

Physics student in a year of fancy dress

A Sussex student has come up with an innovative way of raising money for charity by promising to wear nothing but fancy dress for an entire year.

Undergraduate Award winner talks about her triumph

A third year Anthropology student has been celebrating recently after discovering she has been triumphant in the Undergraduate Awards - an international competition recognising undergraduate excellence.

By: Jacqui Bealing
Last updated: Monday, 16 July 2018