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Elaine invests in medicine

Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy moved into medicine after several years working in investment banking in the City of London. Her first degree was in French and Spanish at Cambridge bandit was while she was there that her interest in medicine first began, making friends who were studying to become doctors at the time.

She went back to the beginning to start her medical career at Brighton and Sussex Medical School - as well as bringing up two children. This meant that she became very good at time management and organising life around her career. "They were four and three when I began," she says.  "Now they are 10 and nine. It was a challenge sitting in classes being a good student, and then looking at the watch knowing I had to leave pick up the kids from school. It's been hard for them at times, but good for them to see me trying to balance all these responsibilities."   

But this experience has inspired her children. Her daughter is particularly interested in medicine, and regularly tests her on her knowledge of tropical diseases. For Elaine, there has been "a sense of achievement, a great awareness of illness in the community from the physical to the psychological, and a greater understanding of the breadth of society". She says the staff have been inspirational for their love of learning and there are some whom she would like to emulate: "You'll never learn it all; sometimes there never is an answer - you're always learning."

Elaine will be a junior doctor in emergency medicine at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

By: Jacqui Bealing
Last updated: Wednesday, 22 July 2009