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Accounting and Finance (N1086)

Accounting and Finance

Module N1086

Module details for 2011/12.

30 credits

FHEQ Level 4

Module Outline

The aim of this course is to introduce students to the terminology, techniques and procedures of financial and management accounting currently in use in business entities. The course will equip students with the necessary skills, knowledge and insights to understand how and why financial accounts are created and how they have developed in the past and will, likely, develop in the future. Central to the unit is the introduction of applied analytical skills that will give students the capability of analysing decision-making within business entities giving them greater insight into business behaviour. The course will also create a firm base for specialisation in appropriate accountancy courses in subsequent years .This course will involve the students in group, quantitative and communication exercises that will develop and enhance essential employment related skills and professional skill development.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, a successful student should be able to

1 Understand the layout and format of UK business entity accounts and be able to effect simple year end adjustments
2 Analyse and interpret the accounts of business entities from the viewpoint of differing stakeholders
3 Understand and explain the managerial reasons for specific decisions based upon given financial information
4 Describe and understand the main costs involved in business and the manner in which they are treated in management accounting
5 Describe the main features of a budgetary control system and understand the main functions of a budget
6 Understand the meaning of capital investment ,its strategic importance, and be able to apply capital investment appraisal techniques
7 Understand that this area of study is constantly changing and be able to identify past and future trends and themes

Coursework components. Weighted as shown below.
Group PresentationAutumn Week 9 (15 minutes)25.00%
ReportSpring Week 1 25.00%
Case StudySpring Week 10 50.00%
Unseen ExaminationSummer Term60.00%

Submission deadlines may vary for different types of assignment/groups of students.


Coursework components (if listed) total 100% of the overall coursework weighting value.

TermMethodDurationWeek pattern
Undergraduate Academic YearLecture1 hour100000000000
Undergraduate Academic YearWorkshop2 hours111111111100

How to read the week pattern

The numbers indicate the weeks of the term and how many events take place each week.

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