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Business Analysis Report (874N1)

Business Analysis Report

Module 874N1

Module details for 2011/12.

30 credits

FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)

Module Outline

The main aim of this course is to enable students to research and to write up a study of their own design in the form of a business analysis report. The study will comprise an appraisal of corporate financial performance, including interfirm comparison and trend analysis, with reference also to market forecasts and corporate valuation. Analytical skills will be taught as part of this module to enable students to apply theoretical models to practice in the context of financial appraisal and corporate management strategy. In preparation, students will critically survey relevant theories and published findings, and employ them to draw conclusions regarding the performance and valuation of competitive firms. Sponsored students are able to examine the competitive performance and valuation of their own organization as part of this course.

Module learning outcomes

Demonstrate a critical awareness of business analysis and critically appraise and evaluate research problems in the field.

Critically survey and analyse relevant theories, models and evidence and examine their explanatory contribution with respect to the cases under investigation.

Select appropriate financial and business data, and generate a robust financial statement analysis of competing firms in order to account for market values and/or market forecasts.

Effectively plan a business analysis and organise and self-manage the research project.

Coursework components. Weighted as shown below.
ReportA3 Week 3 100.00%

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TermMethodDurationWeek pattern
Summer TeachingWorkshop1 hour001110000000
Summer TeachingLecture2 hours001110000000

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