Beyond Contagion

Croydon riot 2011

The Croydon riot began on Monday 8th August, the day after the Brixton riot. Large numbers of people started gathering in the centre of Croydon from around 4.00pm. Despite police reassurances, several outlets closed early that afternoon. At about 6.30pm, large-scale disorder broke out north of Croydon town centre, with police officers coming under attack. There were also attacks on shops apparently in order to draw police in. As events escalated, police concentrated on protecting the main shopping centre, leaving the main thoroughfares to the north and south and nearby retail parks undefended. Crowds looted a number of retail properties, particularly high-end shops. At the same time, a large number of rioters attacked police and continued to try to get into the main shopping centre. Parallel with these events, from about 8.00pm onwards rioting broke out in other districts across Croydon borough, particularly New Addington, Thornton Heath, and Norbury. Across the borough, rioting began to die down at midnight, with police control restored at 4.00am on Tuesday. 

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