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Art History Travel Bursary

The Art History Study Trip has been running since 1981 which means that more than a thousand students have been on visits to Florence, Venice or Rome with faculty, graduate students and their entire year cohort.

We know from regular feedback that this trip has been a vital experience in the Art History degree course and that Rome especially, with its coverage of material from ancient times to the present, has opened eyes to the subject from all perspectives, all periods. We hope that friendships have been formed and have lasted from that journey during an undergraduate career.

Funding the Trip for future students

Many of you will have gone as first-year students but there came a point some years ago when we moved the trip to the second year, so that it formed part of finals assessment and indicated to the university that the physical experience of confrontation with buildings, spaces, paintings and sculpture was a key part of the art historian’s training.

For many years students went on the trip free of charge (hence the long train journey to Florence in early times, the very basic pensione provision), then a contribution was asked for, whilst in recent years students have had to bear the full cost of the trip, now usually six or seven days rather than the luxurious ten days of earlier times. The full cost has been a burden to many recent students, however much they subsequently value the experience, to the point where the university quite rightly questions whether it is sustainable in these days of high fees.

Can you help us?

If your memory of the trip is a warm and life-defining one, would you help us to ensure this venture remains in place for generations of students to come?

There are several ways that you can contribute, by making a regular monthly or annual payment by direct debit, which of course enables the university to claim Gift Aid, by responding periodically whenever you can afford to help whenever the alumni office reminds you how useful this would be, or by donating a lump sum which can be dedicated in a particular way. The university can confidentially help those students in greatest need.

Please help us to sustain the adventure!

Find out ways you can make a contribution - select 'Art History at 50 Travel Bursary' from the drop down list.