Sussex Centre for American Studies

Year abroad guidance and funding

Our wide range of over 40 partner institutions, combined with our knowledge and understanding of their areas of specialisation, means that American Studies at Sussex can provide you with the best possible placement, tailored to your specific interests and needs.

Funding of your year abroad

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Support and guidance

The year abroad component is a fully integrated component of your course of study at Sussex. It counts. It is also fully supported by dedicated administrative and academic staff who will guide you through the process from the first day of your first year through to your final year. Even while you are abroad, the academic director of the year abroad, a full-time member of the American Studies teaching staff, will provide you with advice and support, either at the end of a phone, or via email, so there is never any reason to feel 'cut off' if problems arise.

Once you commence at Sussex, the academic faculty, together with the year-abroad staff, will work with you to ensure that your placement is best suited to your needs and interests and that the application process is smooth and timely.