Sussex Centre for American Studies

Scholar Activism in the 21st Century

The topic of scholar-activism has seen a recent resurgence in our contemporary political moment. To explore this topic, scholars at the University of Sussex including Tom Davies, Anne-Marie Angelo and Melissa Milewski have created an international network to examine scholar activism in the twenty-first century. The conference's first event, a transatlantic conference was held at the British Library in London on Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23. The conference put scholars into conversation with activists to discuss how scholars and activists can work together, put recent social movements such as The Black Lives Matter Movement into scholarly and historical perspective, and highlighted some ways in which scholars and activists in the US and UK are currently working together and engaging in efforts for social justice. The keynote speaker for the conference was Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, who spoke on “The Black Lives Matter movement in the Age of Trump.” Projects in this network have been sponsored by the British Association for American Studies, the Sussex Centre for American Studies, the British Library, and the US Embassy in the UK. For more on the network and conference, see