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On the impact of parental aspirations on learning of indigenous students in Latin America

Thursday 30 November 13:00 until 14:00
Essex House Seminar Room 18
Speaker: Dr Marcos Delprato, Lecturer in International Education, University of Sussex
Part of the series: CIE Research Cafe

This event is hosted by the Centre for International Education (CIE)

In this presentation Marcos will look at the role of parental aspirations among indigenous populations as a barrier for their children’s learning in Latin America. He will investigate whether parents having low aspirations for their children are partly the reason for children being weak learners. On the policy front, Marcos will assess which policy channels could weaken the negative effect of these low aspirations. Marcos will examine the new SDG agenda in the Latin American region to bring forward a discussion on the detrimental role of parental aspirations for indigenous populations and need for governments to design policies to tackle this problem.


CIE Research Cafes take place every Thursday in term time from 1-2pm in the Ground Floor Meeting Room, Essex House. Each Cafe is hosted by a guest speaker - from an affiliate organisation or from across the University. These events are open to all postgraduate taught and doctoral researchers across the University.

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By: Gunjan Wadhwa
Last updated: Thursday, 2 November 2017