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Workshop 3: Data Representation and Data Modelling

Wednesday 29 November 16:00 until 18:00
Digital Humanities Lab - Silverstone Building (Second Floor)
Speaker: Sharon Webb
Part of the series: Sussex Humanities Lab Digital Methods Open Workshop Series

This workshop will introduce participants to the theory of data modelling and the process by which we translate “objects’, or real world entities, into “data”. Data modeling considers how we interpret “things” and how we expect them to be interpreted by a computer programme. This process ensures that we can manipulate, interrogate and preserve information. By considering the difference between two key perspectives, document orientated and data oriented modelling, we will explore how to identify the most appropriate technologies, and approaches, based upon (your) research deliverables and questions (e.g. the difference between a database and a text encoding/XML). Specifically, participants will be introduced to hierarchical modelling and entity-relational modelling, and the querying languages related to these. 

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This workshop series is aimed at staff and doctoral students, particularly researchers in the humanities and social sciences. The workshops take place on Wednesdays in the Digital Humanities Lab, Silverstone from 4-6pm.

You should bring a laptop computer to the workshop. The workshop leader may contact you to advise you to install particular software before the session. If you come to the Digital Humanities Lab at 3.30 (half an hour before the session) one of our technical staff can assist you with this.

If you have any questions about this workshop series please email the series convenor, Ben Roberts, in the first instance:

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Last updated: Tuesday, 7 November 2017