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The accidental enterprise: Ethical consumption as commerce

Wednesday 22 November 16:00 until 17:30
Jubilee 115
Speaker: Dr Kim Humphery (RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria)
Part of the series: MFM Research Seminar Series

Dr Kim Humphery 'The accidental enterprise: Ethical consumption as commerce'

Over the past two decades, Kim Humphery has developed an international reputation for her work on the history, theorisation and politics of consumption and consumerism. She is known also, particularly in Australia, for her work on the socio-cultural aspects of Indigenous health and the practices of cross-cultural social research. Kim has both studied and worked at the Universities of Melbourne, Cambridge, Essex, London, Monash, La Trobe and RMIT. Her intellectual background is interdisciplinary; spanning history, politics, sociology and social and cultural theory. Throughout her work, she has engaged with both ’traditional’, scholarly research and with more applied forms of social and policy research.

Kim's most recent major publication is Excess: Anti-Consumerism in the West (Polity, Cambridge 2010)

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By: Sarah Maddox
Last updated: Monday, 9 October 2017