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Alumni out in force to help students move up the career ladder

26 March 2015

40 alumni speakers returned to campus to take part in a series of Careers in... events during Make it Happen fortnight.

Family stability, not family structure, is key to education success, says Sussex study

24 March 2015

Young people in stable lone-parent households are just as likely to stay in education as those in stable married families, says Sussex–led study

Next generation of dementia scientists to explore genetic risk of Alzheimer’s

24 March 2015

A gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 10 times will be the focus of a new research centre at Sussex.

Author Will Self visits Sussex to discuss the unfinished

17 March 2015

At a seminar on campus, Will Self revealed his thoughts on insanity, nuclear fission, typewriters, unfinished sentences ...

Sussex set to be first university to sign a listed building agreement

6 March 2015

Sussex is signing an agreement with the City Council and English Heritage to protect the University's 1960s listed buildings and streamline planning.

Sussex brings baby expertise, medical humour and more to Brighton festivals

5 March 2015

Staff and students will be debating inequality, performing medical comedy and showing off their knowledge of how babies think at two festivals in May.

Scientists find cancer weak spots for new targeted drugs

3 March 2015

Scientists have identified weak spots in cancer cells that could be targeted and attacked by new precision drugs.

Sussex academic links old and new photography for Science Museum

3 March 2015

Early science photos will be displayed alongside modern art photography at a new Science Museum exhibition, co-curated by a Sussex academic.

Sussex students take on the challenge of the Brighton Marathon

25 February 2015

Current students Hasan Ahmet and Will Teasley will be running the Brighton Marathon in April for the Sussex Fund.

Obituary: Professor Donald Anthony Low (1927-2015)

24 February 2015

Professor Donald Anthony Low, founding Dean of the School of African and Asian Studies (AFRAS) at Sussex, died in Canberra on 11 February, aged 87.

Items 1 to 10 of 171

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