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Jo Moran-Ellis, Professor of Sociology  
"The Famous Five Acting Otherwise: The Significance of Scope and Scale in Children’s Agency and Social Actorship"  
1 November 2017
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Professor Aldo Badiani, Professor of Psychology and Addiction Medicine 
"Your brain on drugs: not the same everywhere"  
8 November 2017
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Antonella De Santo, Professor of Physics  
"Hic Sunt Leones – Hunting for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider"  
15 November 2017
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Geoffrey Hosking FBA, Emeritus Professor of Russian History, UCL 
"Trust and Distrust in Russia: The Heritage of the October Revolution re-examined"  
23 November 2017
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Caroline Bassett, Professor of Media Communications 
"The Tendency of Utopia to Disappoint: Digital technologies and Future Hopes"  
29 November 2017
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Professor Claire Langhamer, Professor of Modern British History 
"Feelings at Work in Modern Britain"  
6 December 2017
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