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Kathy Romer, Professor of Astrophysics 
"Clusters of Galaxies: The Shy Giants of the Cosmos"  
8 March 2017
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Ian Gazeley, Professor of Economic History 
"Living Standards in Britain Since the Industrial Revolution"  
15 March 2017
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David Weir, Professor of Computer Science 
"Making Sense of Text"  
10 May 2017
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Maya Unnithan, Professor of Social and Medical Anthropology 
"Reproductive Politics in India: Giving the Body a Voice"  
17 May 2017
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Anna Franklin, Professor of Visual Perception and Cognition 
"Seeing in Colour"  
7 June 2017
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Lindsay Stirton, Professor of Public Law 
"W(h)ither Public Law?"  
27 September 2017
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