Press coverage

Aeon Magazine 'The intimacy of crowds', Michael Bond. 15th May 2014

British Psychological Society press release on Hillsborough survivors' study. 22nd May 2013. Sussex University press release on Hillsborough survivors' study, 23rd May 2013.

Guardian, 20th July 2012 At the Olympics, transport chiefs must trust the wisdom of crowds Comment is Free

Times 'Eureka' section, 1st August 2012 'The Human Herd'

Daily Telegraph, Fuel strike commentary: Don't panic message leads to panic, 29th March 2012

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Professional security online, May 2009

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'The trouble with Crowds', BBC Focus Magazine, 01.04.09

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IdeasTap: Crowd Psychology

IdeasTap: Lesson from the Brighton Beach Party

Interview on CBRN for Intersec magazine, April 2009.

London bombs research. Daily Mail, March 2009.

'Secrets of a born survivor' The Times 29/11/2008

'Don't panic - get the crowd onside!' (Bulletin of the University of Sussex, 31 October 2008)

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London bombings trauma victims still being found' The Psychologist, March 2006, 19, p. 132.

University of Sussex Press Release , July 2005

BBC News, 21st July 2005

' pays to have pals on the Tube' (Times, July 4th 2005)

Sense of togetherness... (Financial Times magazine, July 2005)


ESRC press coverage

Impacts and findings: 'No panic for petrol' 30th march 2012

'The art of managing crowds' ESRC Society Now, Autumn 2012, issue 14, p. 20

'What's in it for me?' The benefits of public engagement for researchers (RCUK, p. 15)




Press coverage - collective action and empowerment research

'The women's revolution' (Occupy London Stock Exchange) Fabulous Magazine, The Sun, 5th November 2011

Follow the crowd: an exhibition at Fabrica Gallery, 2011

'Take that!' Discovery News, 2011


Collective action 'is good for you':

Patriotic US medics react with horror to evidence that 'protesting is good for you' (, 2002):






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