Academic Registry

Attendance and Engagement for Tier 4 students

Students are expected to attend the University or engage as is necessary to progress in their studies and complete their course.

Schools of study monitor contact points, and any students with low attendance or engagement risk being withdrawn from the University. Staff follow the Attendance and Engagement Policy for Taught Students [PDF 50KB] and the Attendance and Engagement Policy for Research Students.

If you are a Tier 4 student it is a condition of your visa to study at your Sponsor institution, which means you need to attend class, engage with supervision and submit work on time.  If your attendance or engagement falls below the levels required, you risk being withdrawn from study, having your visa curtailed and being required to leave the UK.  This is because it is a duty of Tier 4 Sponsors to ensure students are engaging, and to report to UKVI if you miss a required number of sessions and are being withdrawn.

Find out more about how the University supportsTaught Tier 4 students and those on Research Degrees, and learn more about Protecting your Tier 4 Status.  If you are having problems with your studies talk to someone: The Student Life Centre will be able to advise you on issues around attendance and engagement, and International Student Support can give you further advice on immigration matters.