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Curriculum Development (New Courses)

During 2011-12 all Schools underwent a detailed curriculum review process as part of the move to the new structure of the academic year for 2012-13 onwards. 

This page concerns the development of new curriculum proposals and will be updated with revised documentation in due course.

New proposals

A simpler process has been in place since 2011-12 to support the development by staff of ideas for new courses, prior to seeking formal outline approval.  To explain and support this process, guidance is available on development of new courses on the Office of Governance and Secretariat webpages.

Outline approval of course proposals

Outline approval of courses allows them to be advertised publicly and recruited to, prior to full validation. This process will continue to operate, but with outline appoval now being given by the New Academic Courses sub-committee, which meets monthly during term-time. 


Once outline approval has been granted, proposals continue to be subject to a validation process co-ordinated by the Academic Office:

Useful Contacts for advice on course development

  • Contact for new course development: Angela Pater, Deputy Academic Secretary, Office of Governance and Secretariat
  • Contact for validation: Sam Riordan, Head of Academic Services

Background and reference documents: