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Part-time Study

Transfer to part-time mode of study

1) Students on full-time programmes may, where such an option is available, transfer to a part-time mode of study.

2) In order to transfer, the following requirements must be met:

a) the transfer is restricted to whole stages of programmes (i.e. the part-time period must cover a full stage of a programme)

b) the transfer can only take place at the end of a completed stage of study

c) a student can only transfer if they are in good standing (i.e. in a position to progress to the next stage)

d) the student can only transfer out of part-time mode when the stage being study as part-time is completed.

Examination Board requirements

Students studying in part-time modes on programmes normally offered as full-time undertake Stages of the programme over two years of study instead of the normal one year. In order to avoid a student commencing the second year of the stage carrying insufficient credit to allow progression at the end of the stage, their progress should be considered by examination boards as follows:

Where a student has transferred to a part-time mode of study, the Stage 2 Examination Board responsible for the programme shall consider the student's progress at the end of each year of study. The purpose of this is to ensure that no student shall progress to the second year of two-year part-time stage if their academic performance is such that (after resits) even with a successful further year of study they will be unable to progress to the next formal stage of their programme. The Examination Board should ensure:

a) the student has acquired sufficient credit to enable progression to occur on completion of the full stage

b) any mandatory progress requirements have been met in terms of credits or other programme-specific requirements

Where a student's performance is such that future progression is precluded, the examination board will determine under existing principles the opportunities for repeat of the part-stage prior to continued progress.

Approved: Taught Programmes Committee, meeting 11