Health and Safety Office

The Health and Safety Office is responsible for advising on all aspects of health and safety in the University of Sussex.

The role of the Office is to:

  • provide a specialist advisory service to all university personnel on all matters concerning health, safety and welfare at work;
  • keep the University up to date on relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice and guidance;
  • provide appropriate advice and support so that the University remains compliant with legislation to ensure the safety and health of its staff, students and visitors;
  • promote health, safety and welfare awareness as good practice for all members of staff and students;
  • advise the Vice-Chancellor and University Council on the implementation of the University's Health and Safety Policy document;
  • implement the University Health and Safety Management system to ensure it supports Schools, and create procedures and guidance to assist on the effective application of the safety management system.

Key services

  • Advise on and implement schemes to ensure health, safety and welfare at work
  • Maintain accident/incident records to monitor trends and statistics
  • Carry out investigations of serious accidents and dangerous occurrences
  • Advise on safety and fire precautions in the design and use of buildings, plant and equipment
  • Advise on, and undertake health and safety training
  • Carry out periodic inspections to identify any unsafe practices, equipment or premises
  • Carry out audits to monitor the health and safety management and arrangements within individual schools and services
  • Formulate and provide codes of practice and guidance documents relating to matters of health, safety and welfare
  • Liaison with key external organisations such as Health and Safety Executive, Local Authority, Environment Agency, Fire and Rescue Service