Making the Future 2013-18

The enduring values of Sussex: innovative critical thinking, an interdisciplinary approach to research and learning, and an understanding
that quality is at the heart of all we do.

Vice-Chancellor's introduction Our vision for 2018 Our Mission and values Sustainable operating Economic and social impact Research and knowledge exchange Strategy video Teaching, learning and the student experience Our Falmer campus Professional Services External engagement

Our motif for the strategy, made up of pentagons and hexagons, is inspired by the C60 (buckminsterfullerene) form of carbon. Its cage-like spherical structure allows it to withstand extreme pressure and temperature, as well as to react selectively with other molecules while retaining its shape. Professor Sir Harold Kroto discovered C60 while researching at the University of Sussex, and his work led to him being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley, as well as inspiring a new field of chemistry involving the study of fullerenes.

Our Strategy - Making the Future 2013-18 [PDF 2.63MB]