Mr Daniel Feakes

Daniel Feakes is a research fellow with The Harvard Sussex Program on Chemical and Biological Warfare Armament and Arms Limitation. He graduated from the University of Sussex in 1996 with an MA in Contemporary European Studies and a BA in History with German. His research focuses on the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the role of the EU in governing dual-use chemical and biological technologies and the involvement of global civil society in chemical and biological disarmament. Much of this research builds upon the three years Feakes worked as the HSP researcher in the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague and his attendance at many Biological Weapons Convention meetings in Geneva. Together with Caitriona McLeish, Feakes is a co-organiser of the research seminar series New Approaches to WMD Proliferation, which is supported by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council.


Telephone: 01273 877411


Dr Caitríona McLeish

Caitríona McLeish holds a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Philosophy of Science from University College London and a Masters of Science and Doctorate in Science and Technology Policy from SPRU at the University of Sussex As a research fellow with the Harvard Sussex Program, she has undertaken projects on the governance of dual use technologies in both the chemical and biological warfare environments and has performed historical research on past offensive programmes in an attempt to see what lessons can be learnt for future governance of dual use technologies. Most recently she collaborated with Dr Paul Nightingale of the Complex Products and Innovation Systems Centre to perform an assessment of the impact of dual use controls on UK science.


Telephone: 01273 873 556


Professor Julian Perry Robinson

Trained in chemistry and law, Julian Robinson has conducted research in the fields of arms control and technology policy, with a continuing focus on problems associated with chemical and biological warfare. This is a subject on which he has published or presented over 400 papers and monographs since 1967. He has served as an advisor or consultant to a variety of national and international organizations, governmental and nongovernmental, including the World Health Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross. He directs the UK end of the Harvard Sussex Program, which is a collaborative research, teaching and publication activity focused on chemical/biological-warfare armament and arms limitation. Since 1988 he has been editing, with his HSP co-director Matthew Meselson of Harvard University, one of the few journals in the field, The CBW Conventions Bulletin, now published quarterly from Sussex.



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