Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

Sussex Days

In February 2002, HSP Sussex convened the first in a new series of meetings known as Sussex Days to take advantage of the growing number of people in and around the University of Sussex who have a research or professional interest in CBW affairs. Since then, Sussex Days have become a regular feature of HSP's outreach activities and are widely attended by a range of professionals and students within the CBW field.

Each meeting involves a formal presentation in the morning, followed by further discussion of related issues after lunch. Sussex Days are by invitation only and invitees usually comprise research students, researchers, academics, activists and government officials.

Previous presentations:

23 July 2010 - Int Crim Working Group Meeting

15 May 2009 - The OPCW Past, Present and Future: A Seminar in Memory of Ian R Kenyon

30 May 2008 - CWC RevCon Sussex Day

4 December 2007 - Dr David Langley, "Painting the Big Picture and Attending to Detail: Assessing and Communicating Threats, Hazards and Consequences".

13 November 2007 - Dr Rod Wilkinson, "British Attitudes to Chemical and Biological Weapons 1970 - 2000: An Insider's View".

14 July 2006 - Milton Leitenberg, Senior Research Scholar, Center for international and security studies at Maryland, University of Maryland."Assessing the Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism threat".

13 March 2006 - Brian Jones, Ministry of Defence (retired)."Nuclear Blindness and the silent rise of BW".

14 December 2005 - Bob Mathews, Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation, and Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law."20 Years in 40 Minutes: A Brief History of the Australia Group".

30 November 2005 - [in conjunction with Freeman Centre Seminar Series] Erhard Geissler, formerly Head of the Bioethical Research Group at the Max-Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine, Berlin-Buch, Germany.
"Biological 'Weapons of Mass Disappearance' - Lessons from German History".

16 March 2005 - Caitríona McLeish and Paul Nightingale, University of Sussex,
"The impact of dual use controls on UK science: results from a pilot project".

12 January 2004 - Daniel Feakes, University of Sussex,
"Global Civil Society and Biological and Chemical Weapons"

17 November 2003 - Brian Jones, Ministry of Defence (retired).
"War, Words and WMD"

27 February 2003
- Don Avery, University of Western Ontario,
"Biological Weapons and Anglo-American-Canadian Cooperation 1940-2003: The Canadian Perspective"

9 December 2002 - Jez Littlewood, University of Southampton,
"The 5th BWC Review Conference and the 'New Process'"

4 July 2002 - Tracy Vanderbeek, Lancaster University, and Iris Hunger, Technical University Darmstadt and Max Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine, Research in Progress.

20 February 2002 - Filippa Corneliussen, University of Nottingham, Research in Progress.