Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

Tony Phillips

Trained as a biochemist, Tony Phillips spent two thirds of his career as a 'bench' scientist. He carried out some of the first evaluations of the potential of antibodies in forensic biology and toxicology, and has explored a number of methods for the rapid identification of micro-organisms in environmental samples. He had some 35 years' experience working as a government scientist on aspects of chemical and biological defence. In 1990, he joined a group providing technical advice to the formulation and implementation of British government policy on CB arms control, export controls, and anti-terrorism legislation. He was particularly involved in the UK delegation inputs to the BWC VEREX and Ad Hoc Group processes, and was a Friend of the Chair to the latter. He was also involved with UNSCOM. He was an ex officio member of the UK's CWC National Authority Advisory Committee.

Since his retirement from government service in 2003, Tony Phillips has been active as a scientific consultant. As a Visiting Fellow at SPRU, he has been particularly interested in the regulation of science and the interaction between the science community and government, and in the vulnerabilities of societies.