Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

Searchable HSP databases

We have compiled several specialized electronic data-bases over the years, two of which we are now able to share:

  • A searchable data-base recording some 15,000 events during the past two decades that have been associated with CBW. This is the HSP CBW Events Data-Base. It is a systematic record of events back to 1987 in and around the world of CBW, searchable via the text-retrieval application in which it is held. The 'News Chronology' feature in The CBW Conventions Bulletin is drawn from it.

  • A bibliographical data-base recording some 4,500 publications on or around the subject of CBW. This is the HSP CBW Publications Data-Base, a continually updated register of substantial new publications in the field back to 1987 that is excerpted for the 'Recent Publications' feature of the Bulletin. It is held in EndNote, so as to facilitate searching and manipulation.

These two databases are among the various information registers that HSP has been developing over the years in order to increase the value to users of its main archive, the Sussex Harvard Information Bank (SHIB). They are accessible only by visitors to SHIB, or on request to HSP.