Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

The CBW Conventions Bulletin

The CBW Conventions Bulletin, formerly The Chemical Weapons Convention Bulletin, is the quarterly journal of the Harvard Sussex Program, providing news, background and comment on chemical and biological warfare issues. It is edited jointly by Matthew Meselson and Julian Perry Robinson, with the HSP Advisory Board serving as its Editorial Committee.

The Bulletin
offers its readers a News Chronology, which is a systematic account of events in and around the CBW world during the previous three months; a listing of notable Recent Publications in the field; a calendar of key scheduled forthcoming events in the CBW world; detailed reviews of the latest developments within the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague; and reports on the activities concerning the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva. The journal also offers its readers editorial comment on matters of the moment as well as authoritative invited comment and comments, and there is an occasional Historical Note addressing an event of the past that has particular salience for the present. A selective book-reviews feature was inaugurated in the December 2005 issue.

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The CBW Conventions Bulletin is usually available in two formats:

electronically in pdf format

by subscription in paper format. Please note, however, that subscription by paper format has been temporarily suspended.