Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

HSP Publication

HSP publication

This activity has five main categories of product:

  • HSP is itself a publisher, its publications including its own quarterly journals and the occasional paper series detailed below. HSP has also published other occasional items, notably Challenges to the Chemical Weapons Ban, being the proceedings of the Open Forum on the Chemical Weapons Convention that was organised by the OPCW at the Peace Palace in The Hague on 1 May 2003 during the First CWC Review Conference.

  • The CBW Conventions Bulletin, which used to be called Chemical Weapons Convention Bulletin until issue no 36 (June 1997), is HSP's flagship publication. Produced during 1988-93 from the Federation of American Scientists in Washington DC, it has since then been produced from SPRU. It is edited jointly by the directors of HSP and has the HSP Advisory Board as its editorial committee. The Bulletin has become the journal of record in the field.