Harvard Sussex Program
on chemical and biological warfare armament and arms limitation

The CBW Conventions Bulletin
Index of Articles
(alphabetical order by Author)

Barak, Eitan. Israel, the CWC and the Universality Objective: The View from Jerusalem, Bulletin 68 (June 2005).

Baranovsky, Sergei. Green Cross Russia and the Destruction of Chemical Weapons, Bulletin 30 (December 1995).

Baronian, Charles. Destruction of the US Chemical Stockpile, Bulletin 22 (December 1993).

Batsanov, Serguei. Chemical Weapons Convention En Route to Entry into Force, Bulletin 27 (March 1995).

Black, Stephen. The UN Special Commssion and CBW Verification, Bulletin 32 (June 1996).

Canonne, Pierre. The Role of the Scientific Community Within the Context of the Convention, Bulletin 24 (June 1994).

Carpenter, Will. Completing the Chemical Weapons Convention: An Industry View, Bulletin 15 (March 1992).

Carpenter, Will. The First Year of the OPCW Scientific Advisory Board, Bulletin 45 (September 1999).

Cooper, Graham. Inspections on Request: Coming to Terms with their Scope, Bulletin 10 (December 1990).

Dunn, Lewis. Making Chemical Weapons Users Pay a Price, Bulletin 5 (August 1989).

Ekéus, Rolf. The Option of Using Chemical Weapons, Bulletin 8 (June 1990).

Fang, Gao. To Develop Suitable Chemical Defensive Technology for Developing Countries: To Facilitate Conclusion of the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 13 (September 1991).

Feakes, Daniel. The European Union's Role in CBW Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Bulletin 44 (June 1999).

Flowerree, Charles. The Chemical Weapons Convention, Introductory Issue (Summer 1988).

Flowerree, Charles. US Proposes Continued Binary Production?, Bulletin 6 (November 1989).

Freeman, John. The Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Review Process: What More Can It Contribute? Bulletin 69+70 (December 2005).

Garrett, Ben. The Colorado Potato Beetle Goes to War: Historical Note no.2, Bulletin 33 (September 1996).

Geissler, Erhard. Alibek, Tularaemia and the Battle of Stalingrad, Historical Note no.5, Bulletin 69+70 (December 2005).

Gordon, Amy. Implications of the US Resolution of Ratification, Bulletin 38 (December 1997).

Guthrie, Richard. The Second Chemical Weapons Convention Review Conference. Bulletin 79 (June 2008).

Harrington, Anne. Defining Chemical Weapons the Way the Treaty Does. Bulletin 29 (September 1995).

Harris, Elisa D, and John D Steinbruner. Scientific Openness and National Security After 9-11. Bulletin 67 (March 2005).

Hart, John. Information about the CBW Weapons Programmes of the USSR: Historical Note no.4, Bulletin 63 (March 2004).

Herby, Peter. The Paris Conference on Chemical Weapons, Bulletin 3 (February 1989).

Holik, Josef. From Negotiation to Implementation of the CWC, Bulletin 18 (December 1992).

Inch, Tom. The Chemical Weapons Convention: A Viewpoint from the Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the UK National Authority, Bulletin 50 (December 2000).

Isaacs, John. The Bush Administration, The Senate and the Chemical Treaty, Bulletin 3 (February 1989).

Jansen, Karen. Disarming Iraq: Lessons for the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 24 (June 1994).

Kamal, Ahmad. The Chemical Weapons Convention: Some Particular Concerns of Developing Countries, Bulletin 4 (May 1989).

Kamal, Ahmad. The Chemical Weapons Convention Today, Bulletin 39 (March 1998).

Kenyon, Ian. Entry into Force: The Test of Our Preparations, Bulletin 35 (March 1997).

Kenyon, Ian. Celebration of a Centenary and Some Birthdays, Bulletin 43 (March 1999).

Kenyon, Ian. Chemical Weapons in the Twentieth Century: Their Use and Their Control, Bulletin 48 (June 2000)

Kenyon, Ian. The Chemical Weapons Convention and the OPCW: The Challenges of the 21st Century, Bulletin 56 (June 2002).

Kenyon, Ian. Chrysalis - How the CWC Produced the OPCW: The Work of the OPCW Preparatory Commission, Bulletin 59 (March 2003).

Kenyon, Ian. The USA/USSR Arms Control Relationship and its Impact on the CWC, Bulletin 72 & 73 (September 2006)

Kirby, Reid. Paradise lost: The Psycho Agents, Bulletin 71 (May 2006)

Kisselev, Sergei. Russia and the Chemical Weapons Convention: What Next?, Bulletin 37 (September 1997).

Klotz, Lynn, and Sims, Mark. The BWC: Challenge Investigation Voting Procedures. Bulletin 41 (September 1998).

Krutzsch, Walter. Ensuring True Implementation of the CWC, Bulletin 76 & 77 (October 2007)

Krutzsch, Walter. Article VI of the CWC: Past Present and Future, Bulletin 50 (December 2000).

Krutzsch, Walter. 'Never Under Any Circumstances': The CWC Three Years After its First Review Conference, Bulletin 68 (June 2005).

Lancaster, Martin. Chemical Proliferation and Disarmament: A Congressional Perspective, Bulletin 11 (march 1991).

Lawand, Kathleen. The Scientific Advisory Board of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons: The Role of Science in Treaty Implementation, Bulletin 40 (June 1998).

Lüdeking, Rüdiger. Verifying a Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 9 (September 1990).

MacEachin, Douglas. Routine and Challenge: Two Pillars of Verification, Bulletin 39 (March 1998).

Mashhadi, Hassan. How the Negotiations Ended, Bulletin 17 (September 1992).

Mathews, Robert. A Comparison of the Australia Group List of Chemical Weapon Precursors and the CWC Schedules of Chemicals, Bulletin 21 (September 1993).

Mathews, Robert, and Timothy McCormack. Entry into Force of the Chemical Weapons Convention: Activities and Prospective Timetable, Bulletin 25 (September 1994).

Mathews, Robert. Approaching an "End-Game" in the Negotiation of the BWC Protocol: Lessons from the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 47 (March 2000).

Mathews, Robert. The Development of the Australia Group Export Control List of Biological Pathogens, Toxins and Dual-Use Equipment, Bulletin 66 (December 2004).

Meselson, Matthew. The Role of Chemical Defense, Bulletin 11 (March 1991).

Meselson, Matthew. Averting the Hostile Exploitation of Biotechnology, Bulletin 48 (June 2000).

Molander, Johan. The Chemical Weapons Negotation at a Critical Juncture: Is There a Way Ahead? Bulletin 10 (December 1990).

Moodie, Michael. Bolstering Compliance with the Biological Weapons Convention: Prospects for the Special Conference, Bulletin 25 (September 1994).

Olson, Kyle. The Proposed Chemical Weapons Convention: An Industry Perspective, Bulletin 2 (Autumn 1988).

Onate, Santiago, Ralf Trapp and Lisa Tabassi. Decision on the Follow-up to the OPCW Action Plan on Article VII: Ensuring the Effective Implementation of the CWC, Bulletin 69+70 (December 2005).

Ooms, Jack. Verification and the Chemical Weapons Ban, Bulletin 6 (November 1989).

Ooms, Jack. Asia Pacific Seminar on the National Implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 26 (December 1994).

O'Sullivan, Paul. Concluding the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 13 (September 1991).

Pearson, Graham. Strengthening the BTWC Regime: A Defense View, Bulletin 12 (June 1991).

Pearson, Graham. Chemical Weapons Convention: Validation of Accredited Laboratories and Analytical Measurements, Bulletin 20 (June 1993).

Pearson, Graham. Strengthening the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: The Outcome of the Special Conference, Bulletin 26 (December 1994).

Pearson, Graham. Implementing Article X of the BTWC: Avoiding Duplication, Bulletin 32 (June 1996).

Pearson, Graham. Toxic Chemicals: A Multilateral Export-Import System, Bulletin 34 (December 1996).

Pearson, Graham. A Lean Organization to Strengthen the Biological Weapons Convention, Bulletin 39 (March 1998).

Pearson, Graham. The CWC General Purpose Criterion: How to Implement?, Bulletin 49 (September 2000).

Pearson, Graham. Further Chemical Control Regimes: Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Bulletin 51 (March 2001).

Pearson, Graham. The US Rejection of the Protocol at the Eleventh Hour Damages International Security Against Biological Weapons, Bulletin 53 (September 2001).

Pearson, Graham. Further Chemical Control Regimes: Anti-Doping, Bulletin 57 (September 2002).

Pearson, Graham. Security and Oversight of Pathogenic Microorganisms and Toxins, Bulletin 60 (June 2003).

Robinson, Julian. Is the OPCW Implementing the CWC Definition of Chemical Weapons? E-Issue no 78 (February 2008)

Robinson, Julian. What should be the Scope of the CWC? A Workshop Report, Bulletin 55 (March 2002).

Rosenberg, Barbara. Incorporation of Dual-Use Export Controls in a Compliance Regime for the Biological Weapons Convention, Bulletin 33 (September 1996).

Rosenberg, Barbara. US Policy and the BWC Protocol, Bulletin 52 (June 2001).

Scheinman, Lawrence: Regimes, Defence and Deterrence, Bulletin 48 (June 2000).

Shabaz, Counsellor of Pakistan. A Perspective on the OPCW Preparatory Commission, Bulletin 19 (March 1993).

Sims, Mark and Klotz, Lynn. The BWC: Challenge Investigation Voting Procedures. Bulletin 41 (September 1998).

Sims, Nicholas. Achievements and Failures at the Third Review Conference, Bulletin 14 (December 1991).

Sims, Nicholas. Nurturing the BWC: Agenda for the Fifth Review Conference and Beyond, Bulletin 53 (September 2001).

Sims, Nicholas. Route-Maps to the OPBW: Using the Resumed BWC Fifth Review Conference, Bulletin 56 (June 2002).

Sims, Nicholas. A Proposal for Putting the 26 March 2005 Anniversary to Best Use for the BWC, Bulletin 62 (December 2003).

Staub, Heiner. Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention: First Experiences of a National Authority, Bulletin 36 (June 1997).

Tabassi, Lisa. The Nexus Between the OPCW and the International Criminal Court, Bulletin 75 (March 2007)

Tabassi, Lisa and van der Borght, Erwin. Chemical Warfare as Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Bulletin 74 (December 2006)

Tabassi, Lisa. Impact of the CWC: Progressive Development of Customary International Law and Evolution of the Customary Norm Against Chemical Weapons, Bulletin 63 (March 2004).

Tóth, Tibor. A Window of Opportunity for the BWC Ad Hoc Group, Bulletin 37 (September 1997).

Tóth, Tibor. Time to Wrap Up, Bulletin 46 (December 1999).

Toukan, Abdullah. The CWC, the NPT, and the Middle East Peace Negotiations, Bulletin 22 (December 1993).

Trapp, Ralf. Into the 'End Game', Bulletin 15 (March 1992).

Tucker, Jonathon B. Strengthening the CWC Regime for Transfers of Dual-Use Chemicals, Bulletin 75 (March 2007)

van der Borght, Erwin and Tabassi, Lisa. Chemical Warfare as Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Bulletin 74 (December 2006)

von Wagner, Adolf Ritter. The Draft Chemical Weapons Convention (Statement to the CD on 3 September 1992), Bulletin 17 (September 1992).

Vorobiev, Alexander. Working on the Compliance Regime for the BWC, Bulletin 31 (March 1996).

Walker, Paul. Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention: Technical and Political Challenges in the US and Russia, Bulletin 44 (June 1999).

Webber, Frederick. The US Chemical Industry Stake in the Chemical Weapons Convention, Bulletin 34 (December 1996).

Wheelis, Mark, and Malcolm Dando. On the Brink: Biodefence, Biotechnology and the Future of Weapons Control, Bulletin 58 (December 2002).

Wyszomirski, Ernst. The CWC and Barriers to Chemical Trade, Bulletin 28 (June 1995).