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BWC Briefing Book

Briefing Book: BWC Sixth Review Conference 2006

The British American Security Information Council (BASIC), the Harvard Sussex Program (HSP) and the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC) prepared a Briefing Book for the BWC Sixth Review Conference 2006. The conference was held between 20 November - 8 December 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The book was launched at a panel discussion hosted by the Geneva Forum at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 9 November. The discussion was chaired by Patricia Lewis of UNIDIR. Ambassador Johannes Landman of the Netherlands and Ambassador Masood Khan, the President-Designate of the Review Conference, addressed the meeting.

The book contains official documents and other texts relating to the biological weapons regime, including:

the text of the BWC itself and the Geneva Protocol and lists of states parties to both

official BWC documents

documents from the United Nations, other international organisations and regional organisations

documents from informal instruments and arrangements

supporting material from various non-governmental organisations

It is also a useful resource for researchers, non-governmental organisations, journalists and others in civil society with an interest in the biological weapons regime embodied in the BWC.

Download the full Briefing Book as one file (14 megabytes)

Front Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Abbreviations and Acronyms and Introduction (5 megabytes)

1. The Treaties (1 megabyte)

2. BWC Documents (6 megabytes)

3. UN Documents (2 megabytes)

4. Documents from International Organizations (3 megabytes)

5. Documents from Regional Organizations, Regions and Other Organizations (1 megabyte)

6. Documents from Other Arrangements (1 megabyte)

7. Other Documents (2 megabytes)

8. Further Reading (1 megabyte)

Feedback Form and Back Cover

BASIC, HSP and VERTIC are grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for funding the book.