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Welcome to prus online.

The Poverty Research Unit at Sussex, part of the University of Sussex, was founded in 1995 and conducts research into all aspects of poverty – its meaning and measurement, its causes and its consequences, in both developed and developing countries. We draw on the strong interdisciplinary approach to research that Sussex embodies, and work with governments, international organisations, other academic institutions and NGOs in many countries, as well as with other researchers at Sussex.

What's new...

PRUS WP42 'Poverty in Kagera , Tanzania: Characteristics, Causes and Constraints' (Litchfield, J., McGregor, T. )  This paper analyses the determinants of household welfare in the Northwest region of Tanzania using micro-level cross section data. The paper argues that the determinants of household welfare are numerous and complex, ranging from individual and household to community and social characteristics, but that the relative importance of these factors varies across the welfare distribution.
August 2008. Read more

PRUS WP41 'Brazilian Poverty Between And Within Groups: Decomposition By Geographical, Group-Specific Poverty Lines ' (Salardi, P.)  investigates Brazilian poverty by exploiting geographical differences in the cost of living and questions whether the standard approach in measuring poverty is informative enough when the population is heterogeneous.
February 2008. Read more

PRUS WP40 'Determinants of Poverty During Transition: Household Survey Evidence from Ukraine' (Brück, T., Danzer, A., Muravyev, A., Weißhaar N.) analyzes the incidence, the severity and the determinants of household poverty in Ukraine during transition using two comparable surveys from 1996 and 2004.
December 2007. Read more

PRUS WP39 'Girl farm labour and Double-Shift Schooling In The gambia: The Paradox of development Intervention' (Kea, P.)  examines the intensification of Gambian girls' domestic and farm labour contributions as a result of the introduction of double-shift schooling.
October 2007. Read more

PRUS WP38 'Poverty In Britain In 1904: An Early Social Survey Rediscovered' (Gazelei, I. and Newell, A.)  introduces a newly-discovered household budget data set for the early 1900s that is more representative of urban working households in Britain in the period than any other existing record.
July 2007. Read more

New Publication.'Farm Water And Rural Poverty Reduction In Developing Asia' by Professor Michael Lipton has been recently published in the Journal of Irrigation and Drainage, Volume 56, Issue 2-3.
Read more

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